The adoption of Guqin

Guqin adoption activities originated, after lake Guqin society part-time college students to learn Guqin in the work space, the summer home no piano practice, but the Guqin purchase price is relatively expensive, after months of neglect and from scratch. Are often encountered in the students learning Guqin society due to the purchase of the Guqin and give up, too bad, so we initiated this event, hoping to benefit more Guqin enthusiasts. The adoption area does not limit any area, express to the door, or adoption; free adoption Convention (Lian Xiqin) Guqin to let more people have loved Guqin Guqin and insist on learning, open free agency Nanhu Guqin Guqin adoption activities. I hope every hobby friends are able to take care of the Guqin guqin, integrity and abide by the rules. The gentleman about adoption: Guqin free, need 2000 yuan deposit, after the expiration of the deposit back to Qin adoption. To express each Guqin will be charged packaging material cost and delivery costs totaling 50 yuan, this shall not be refunded. Pay the deposit after the parties reached this Agreement; the adoption of time: the adoption of Guqin for at least 18 month, can not be returned within 18 months. Adoption after it expires, apply for renewal. The adoption of area restrictions, any area to be able to express, or to adopt this; for the public welfare activities, hoping to benefit more people the palyers, so each person can only adopt a Guqin Guqin; as Qin's friend, hope fans can cherish the successful adoption of ancient Qin care. Palyers received piano please to open the courier check, if there is damage, please first time (receiving day) photos and Guqin society contact, inform the Guqin injuries; such as severe injuries, palyers can be returned for Qin; if not influence the practice, only need to inform the site of injury can be recognized; raise the Guqin injury treatment: normal wear paint, palyers without compensation. If the strings of damage and fracture, according to the market price for every 20 yuan. If there are obvious external causes of Guqin damage, or other problems difficult to define, the two sides negotiated settlement, such as due to external causes damage by the adoption of guqin, pay the maintenance costs, maintenance costs will generally be in the deposit of 30%, if the maintenance cost is higher than the deposit of 30% is regarded as no maintenance, please adoption to the the purchase price of the piano. Deposit payment with PayPal transfers or to pay agency Qin Qin Lake, courier return please send back to the original packaging, and the owners bear the delivery costs. The term of validity of the free adoption by express delivery date or the date of the adoption of the scene, the adoption shall return within a week of qin. The adoption of the guqin, is not allowed as carving inscription, seal and other personal mark, please buy the original piano, Wang palyers to comply with the convention. Because of public welfare activities, some of the provisions may be unsatisfactory, hope the fans understand. Free flow carefully read the adoption of Guqin adoption convention payment (deposit payment Guqin before 15 were shipped the same day, Saturday, day, legal holiday exception); Qin received after taking pictures and contact QQ or WeChat Nanhu Guqin society public number; adoption period please take good care of ancient Qin, Qin as the hope for friends to adopt please contact we also obtain related matters before the expiration of the Qin palyers, and timely return of Guqin Guqin society; Nanhu checked, return the deposit to the palyers Alipay account or refund. Telephone Nanhu Guqin society contact: 0512-57228818 address: Zhouzhuang city Kunshan town of Suzhou city in Jiangsu province after the Hong Kong Street No. 42 (Zhouzhuang area) QQ:2919321990 WeChat public number: guqinshe Sina micro-blog: Moonlit Night Club guzheng

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For the adoption of Guqin